Elk Grove Chamber of Commerce Stands with our AAPI Community

Elk Grove Chamber of Commerce Stands with our AAPI Community

The Elk Grove Chamber of Commerce stands in solidarity of its Asian American and Pacific Islander community and condemns hate violence, racism, xenophobia, and intolerance.

Recently there has been an increase in racist and xenophobic actions and attacks against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. These terrible acts and harmful opinions have been mounting as hostility has grown toward people of Asian and Pacific Islander origins. This remains to underscore the racism that continues and the struggle to progress past our country's history of racism. As we strive together for further progress, the Elk Grove Chamber supports and stands in solidarity with the community against these horrific acts, and acknowledges the pain, fear, and sadness that so many are feeling. The Chamber denounces the stigmatization, racism, xenophobia, and violence committed against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders and all cultures and reaffirms the Chamber’s commitment to racial equity and providing a safe community to live, play, and do business in Elk Grove.

The Elk Grove Chamber of Commerce is committed to combating this fear and racism through education, advocacy, and ongoing collaborations with local organizations and members of our community. The Chamber has developed the Economic Equity Task Force to help connect minority business owners with resources and encourage the growth of those, as well as new businesses in Elk Grove.  The task force is planning a series of open round tables on economic equity and all are welcome and encouraged to attend this open dialogue.  The link to register is on the Chamber’s website, www.elkgroveca.com or social media sites.

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