The Kindness of Others

As we enter into recovery mode, it is very important to remember that our business community will not necessarily bounce back immediately.  While things will get better, look better and feel better, our business community has a long road to recovery.  It will take time to recover from the damage of the last year and they, will need the support of the community, which is why I was elated to receive a phone call in late March.

A gentleman reached out to me at the Chamber of Commerce and stated that he and his dear wife had been watching some of his favorite restaurants suffer.  They had laid off employees, closed their doors for a time and struggled through the various tiers of operation.  They discussed what they were seeing and how they could help.  He stated that while he and his wife were not rich, they were comfortable and had decided they wanted to share part of their stimulus money to help support their favorite businesses.

The gentleman stated that he and his wife would like to remain anonymous and asked if the Chamber would distribute the money for him.  This wonderful couple sent $500 to each of 3 of their favorite restaurants which I was delighted to deliver for him.  The recipients were all moved and so grateful for the generosity of this wonderful couple.

While we can’t all make such grand gestures, I would like to encourage you to continue to support small business.  As we open, go for a date night to a local restaurant and catch a movie or go bowling.  Visit Old Town for some shopping and a beautiful stroll.  While you’re visiting businesses, purchase a gift certificate for an upcoming birthday or even Christmas gift.  These small things will benefit the whole community.  Now is the time.

Recipient Super Taco

Recipient Happy Garden

Recipient Meldogs Cafe

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