Political Action Committee

Political Action Committee

Elk Grove Chamber Political Action Committee


Promoting a strong local economy
through political action


To improve the local economy through participation in EGPAC the political process, and make contributions to and provide support of candidates and issues; to promote good government; to encourage a healthy business environment; and to further the private enterprise system.


Organization Description

The EGCPAC is a voluntary committee of individuals and business interests, and is not affiliated with any political party. EGCPAC operates under the Fair Political Practices Commission rulings and guidelines.



To raise funds and allocate contributions and/or endorsements of candidates and issues which impact the local economy.



The PAC will:

  1. Encourage and stimulate local business, residents and others to take an active and effective part in governmental affairs that impact the local economy;
  2. Assist local businesses and residents in understanding the nature and action of their government, and to inform them on the records of office holders and candidates for office.
  3. Support candidates, issues, and propositions, both financially and through individual efforts that impact residents, employers, employees and others; this work shall include state issues.
  4. Develop and/or support pro-business initiatives as supported by the Chamber.


*EGCPAC is organized as a political action committee under the laws of the State of  California, ID #1285600. Contributions or gifts to EGCPAC are not tax deductible.