Citizen of the Year

Citizen of the Year


The Citizen of the Year Award celebrates an Elk Grove citizen who contributes greatly to the community and exemplifies the meaning of giving. Since 1955, representatives from different Elk Grove community service organizations have presented this annual award honoring an area resident who has rendered outstanding services directly to the Elk Grove community. The Elk Grove Citizen of the Year is truly a community award. The recipient of the Elk Grove Citizen of the Year award is honored at a banquet held on the first Monday in November each year. The award and banquet are co-sponsored by several local service organizations within Elk Grove.

Proceeds from this event benefit the Elk Grove Citizen of the Year scholarship.

To make a nomination, please complete an application and include a signed letter containing information on club and service organization involvement, past accomplishments in the community, and all accomplishments significant to the community.

Click here for Nomination Form.

Send in confidence to:

Citizen of the Year
c/o the Elk Grove Chamber of Commerce
8820 Elk Grove Blvd
Elk Grove, Ca 95624

You may also fax it to 916-691-3810.

Please contact the Chamber of Commerce at 916-691-3760 with any questions.


Past Recipients of Elk Grove Citizen of the Year

1955      Raymond Case*

1956      Alvin Bartholomew*

1957      Tom Karamanos*

1958      George Henderson*

1959      Elk Grove Fire Department*

1960      Cantrell Castello*

1961      Gerald Brown*

1962      Edna Sperry*

1963      Raymond Russell*

1964      Paul Betschart*

1965      Jessie Baker*

1966      Theodore Smedberg*

1967      Hilma Colton*

1968      Ida Fleming*

1969      John Zehnder*

1970      Robert Fite*

1971      Jack Hill*

1972      Anabel Gage*

1973      Douglas Berner*

1974      Bernice Gallup*

1975      Marvin Jones*

1976      Glen Beeman*

1977      Henry Kloss*

1978      Jeannie Womack*

1979      Carl Amundson*

1980      Roy Herburger*

1981      Elizabeth Pinkerton

1982      Glenn Houde*

1983      Richard Lichtenberger*

1984      Mel Oneto*

1985      Margit Kloss*

1986      Gerald H. Derr


1987      Dorothy Hrepich*

1988      Gary Lawson

1989      Iris Zimbelman*

1990      Pat Braziel

1991      Jerry & Jeanne Strong  Jerry*

1992      Mike Zehnder

1993      Olga Batey*

1994      Roger & Fay Shaffer

1995      David Simpson

1996      Roy Sharp

1997      Hal Bartholomew

1998      Jim Ring

1999      Sophia Scherman

2000      Cathy O'Neil*

2001      Frances Fite*

2002      Dan Lawrence

2003      Lyn & Jean Hawkins

2004      Stanley Carrothers*

2005      Marsha Holmes

2006      Arnold Adreani

2007      Jim & Elaine Wright (Jim*)

2008      Bob & Lisa Lent (Lisa Hume)

2009      Frank & Paula Maita

2010      Mary Lewis*

2011      Mark Hedlund

2012      Gary Dapelo*

2013      Frank Lucia

2014      Marie Coleman

2015      Warren and Pat Weaver

2016       Jim and Annaclare Entrican

2017       Pablo Sanchez

2018       Kevin Spease

2019       Rebecca Davis

2020      Jack and Tracey Edwards